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Through experiential education and work, Midland teaches the value of a lifetime of learning, self-reliance, simplicity, responsibility to community and the environment, and love for the outdoors. Learn More

About Midland School

Grounded in traditional college preparation, Midland is a leader in place-based and experiential education.  Using our 2,860 acres as a home base, Midland’s curriculum offers a vibrant and challenging exploration of place, spanning environment, history, and culture.  Growing our food, generating our electricity, and knowing where our water comes from prepares students to be informed citizens and active participants.  Midland’s 4:1 student to faculty ratio and our work ethic ensures that every student is known, valued, and needed in this intentional community.


As Seen in The New York Times

“The School of Wants and Needs — and Wood-Fired Showers”
By RON LIEBER OCT. 28, 2016

Midland is an experiential education school that prepares students for entry into competitive colleges, but also teaches them how to raise livestock, grow vegetables, and chop wood. Read More »

Academics at Midland School

Midland School is first and foremost a rigorous college preparatory boarding school. While we value experiential education as an integral part of our approach, we are not a shop school, trade school, or an adventure school. The fundamental rigor of Midland’s curriculum isn’t watered down with trips or projects that don’t put learning at their core.

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We strongly recommend that potential students and their families visit Midland School as it is the best way to experience our community, observe faculty and students in class, and gain a fuller appreciation of all that Midland has to offer you with our unique, progressive education. If you are unable to arrange an on-campus visit or interview at Midland, please contact us to setup a telephone or Skype interview.

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